Before joining new sites, please always read the Terms. Some sites require investments before you can request for payout. Examples of investments are   upgrade or add fund from your payment processor to your purchase balance. If you do not invest, you cannot request for payout. Most of the sites also require you to post your payment proof before you can receive your next payout. Always always read the Terms. 

Don't forget to check on the site's forum. The forum is the place where the site Admin and members communicate. If the forum is active, it's good. If not, pretty bad. You can always check whether the Admin pays the members by checking on the Payment Proof section in the forum or the site's homepage. But beware that some Admin may post fake payment proofs. 

Do join other forums such as TalkPTC and eMoneySpace - you will gain more information from the members on PTC sites. You may also be interested to check out this investigation site PTC Investigations.
The more active Direct Referrals (DR) you have, the more and faster you can earn. You can rent referrals if you don't have DR. I did rent some referrals. My experience with rented referrals (RR) were no good. I will stop renting referrals from now on. I know i will earn pretty slow without them. But this action will save  my time from checking their daily clicking statistics and save my money from recycling or deleting them. You decide.

I have a few active DRs. God Bless them! Thank you so much for the clicks. Some DR sign up and became inactive after a while. And some lost in space. Well this is life - we are all humans and those were experiences that i have learnt for the past few months. I have been scammed too. Site Admin changed and imposed ridiculous rules, number of ads dropped, minimum payout increased, no payment received, the sites suddenly disappeared etc. I hate scammers. We all hate scammers!

To earn more, always check the sites from time to time for the new ads that comes in. 

I hope my experiences would not deter you from joining the sites below. If you were already a member, that is really great. If not, do join me if yea. Here are some of my favorite PTC sites.

For your info:-
1. BuxSecure, InfinityBux, Powerful Bux & ForeverBux = same Admin

Payment Proof - 1

Payment Proof - 1

Cash Camel is the site where you can earn by viewing Paid To Click Ads, Paid To Read Ads, Paid To Signup, Paid To Promote or Click Exhange to get unique traffics rather than cash. There are so many ads to click until my fingers get tired. 

CashCamel Payment Proof - 1  2